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Many business establishments stand out from the competition by offering their guests an extra service to show their appreciation. One such service is valet parking. When added to parking management in Los Angeles, it creates a positive experience for patrons before they even reach the door.

Any business can utilize valet parking, from hotels, bars, restaurants, and event spaces to hospitals, shopping centers, theaters, and more. Not only does valet parking setup a luxurious, welcoming atmosphere for clientele, but it also offers practical advantages to businesses.

6 Brilliant Benefits of Valet Parking

The key to excellent valet services is to entrust the job to a professional parking management company. Properly-trained valet staff knows how to take care of the vehicles, the parking space, and the guests. Those specific set of skills gives way to the following benefits when added to parking management:

1. Increased parking capacity

Adding valet parking can increase the capacity of an existing lot by up to 15%. Instead of reserving one slot for each guest, staff can stack cars behind one another and even fit them into non-parking spaces.

2. Heightened control and flexibility over a parking lot

Valet services can expand how you use your lot. For instance, you won’t need to create separate areas for overnight parking guests and hourly customers, since valet staff can arrange the cars based on demand.

During special situations, such as maintenance or construction, valet parking means guests can leave their cars safely without having to deal with the on-going work. In case of bad weather, valet staff can choose the safest place to park cars, even offsite, if necessary. This protects both the vehicles and the guests.

3. Reduced risk of accidents

Adding valet parking to parking management in Los Angeles restricts the lot to parking staff only. This means you no longer have to worry about collisions and accidents between patrons.

4. Improved access for groups, conferences, and meetings

Businesses that cater to big groups are familiar with the chaos that inevitably comes with a lot of people trying to park at once. Valet parking can streamline this process, getting vehicles in and out more efficiently.

5. Less traffic around your facility

People who are driving around and trying to find parking spots are a significant cause of traffic around business establishments. Aside from the stress this causes, you may also lose potential revenue if people fail to find a place to park on. Valet parking services can reduce traffic to accommodate more guests.

6. Enhanced reputation for businesses

The grandeur of valet services doesn’t fade even for return guests. That’s why it’s so effective at setting business establishments apart from the rest. It seals your reputation as a business that genuinely cares about its clients, one that is willing to go the extra mile to give them a safe and hassle-free experience every time they visit.

Parking Company of America: Your Partner for Valet Parking

If your business would like to upgrade your parking management services with valet parking, trust Parking Company of America to get it done. Our parking management solutions can be customized for the unique tone, schedule, and needs of your facility. Call us today at (888) 220-1282 to learn about our service options or to request a quote.