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Underground Parking Lot For Disabled Persons

Most parking space providers focus so much on raising their facility’s capacity and profit that they sacrifice its user-friendliness. Most neglect a significant portion of their guests: individuals with disabilities. Do not make the same mistake. Keep your facilities accessible to people with disabilities with top-quality parking management in Los Angeles.

How Parking Management Upgrades Facilities for People with Disabilities

Parking management agencies offer comprehensive solutions for private, public, and commercial spaces. They help parking facilities maintain and enhance their accessibility to individuals with disabilities with the following offers:

  • ADA-Compliant Parking Solutions

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that illegalizes discrimination against people with disabilities. It listed rules and design standards to ensure equitable access to various establishments.

Here is an overview of its parking facility-focused regulations and how experts can help you comply with them.

    • Accessible Parking Space Requirements

According to the ADA, parking facilities must reserve a certain number of parking spaces for people with disabilities. The number depends on their size. For instance, a parking lot that can accommodate 76-100 vehicles must leave at least four of those slots open only for individuals with disabilities.

Expert providers of parking management services can determine your facility’s required number of accessible spaces. They can also recommend which slots to designate for individuals with disabilities based on your place’s layout and traffic flow.

    • Parking Space Location Requirements

Accessible spaces must be the ones closest to the entrance of the building they serve. For instance, the accessible slots of a shopping center parking lot must be the ones nearest to the mall’s entrance. If the parking lot caters to several establishments, the accessible spaces must be dispersed evenly near entry points.

A professional parking management agency can assess your accessible spaces and configure them if necessary to become ADA-compliant.

    • Establishment-Specific Parking Requirements

The ADA’s parking requirements can vary depending on the purpose of the building. For instance, outpatient physical therapy centers must make sure that at least 20% of their patient and visitor spaces are accessible.

Parking management companies can tell you if your establishment is subject to unique regulations and make the necessary adjustments.

These are only the most prominent ADA parking space regulations that experts can help you meet. Talk to a professional parking management consultant to learn more.

  • Comprehensive Parking Regulations

While there are parking facilities with spaces reserved for people with disabilities, most cannot guarantee that the slots serve their intended purpose solely. This allows other drivers to benefit from the space. Providers of parking management in Los Angeles can set and enforce the necessary regulations to ensure only authorized individuals can use accessible slots.

  • Fair Privilege Allocations

Many parking facilities overlook the fact that not all disabilities are noticeable at a glance.

Most grant accessible space parking privileges only to those with physical impairments that require wheelchair use and other forms of mobility assistance.

Few actually take the time to ask their guests about their health background.

If you’re too busy to check the background of your guests, let a professional parking management company handle the job. Experts will not guarantee fair privilege allocations with thorough inquiries but also implement a comprehensive system to streamline the process.

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