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Over the years, we at PCA have consistently provided premium parking management services to various sectors such as airports, retail establishments, restaurants, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities, entertainment and media outlets, and independent property management companies. With over 50 years of industry experience and well-known clientele, we live by our mission to become our clients’ extension in providing innovative solutions and services that make a positive difference.

Revenue Management: Making Your Parking Service More Profitable

PCA prides itself on using dynamic pricing and capacity management to enhance profitability. We handle various forms of revenue generating streams to make your parking management services like Daily and Monthly Transient Parking Sales, and Tenant Validation Sales, lucrative. Furthermore, we hire only highly trained parking attendants and utilize APS (Automated Parking Systems).

Valet Parking: Providing Premium Services and Maintaining Space-Efficient Parking Facilities

To optimize the space in your existing parking facility, we have skilled valet assistants that provide professional parking services to your customers. Our valet drivers are trained in utilizing less space for more vehicles in a shorter time. Valet service decreases car emissions and lessens the need to take up more parking spaces thus, providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

A Safer and More Accessible Parking Space

If your business resides in locations adjacent to facilities that have limited parking, this might spell disaster on your part. We at PCA can provide you with the necessary personnel to make your parking space operations hassle-free. For spaces that encounter heavy traffic flow, we have traffic control officers that are proficient in adapting to different traffic scenarios. We also offer a unique group of employees that we call “ambassadors,” individuals that are highly knowledgeable and will serve as your establishment’s informational point of contact.

On-Demand Transportation Services

For establishments with sprawling areas like campuses, hospitals, and hotel resorts, we offer fixed route shuttle services that can provide quick transfers from your parking spaces to other facilities. We can also ferry these vehicles to the nearest public transportations and designated drop-off points.

Make Sure You Are Equipped and Insured

To make your parking operations efficient, we can provide various equipment like tickets, signage, two-way radios, cellular communication devices, personnel uniforms, and other additional gear. Moreover, we offer liability insurance and state-required compensation package for the staff that we will assign to your facility.

In all parking management services that we offer, you can trust that we at PCA will always uphold our principle to provide quality customer-focused service and to add value to the lives of the people we serve through our core values; integrity, safety, sustainability, technology, leadership and community service.