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parking management

A good part of any business’s revenue comes from its parking facility. As such, it is vital to get excellent parking management services in running your parking area. Although many business owners think that they can take care of the parking program on their own; the truth is getting expert consultation and services has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Hiring a Parking Management Company

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking opportunities with your parking space. Below is a list of what we at Parking Company of America can do for you:

  • Expert Evaluations on Parking Facility

    Consultations with the Parking Company of America are backed up with several years of parking management training and experience. Having been exposed to every parking facility, we can easily point out any shortcomings in your space like traffic flow, availability of slots, and safety guidelines, among others. In addition, we can propose well-thought solutions that will contribute not only to the efficiency of your space but to your business’ financial goals as well.

  • Financing and Construction Aid

    Once our parking management consultants have evaluated your structures and taken note of areas for improvement, they can finance the equipment needed to carry out the operation. Examples of equipment that can be purchased include car stops, portable ramps, pavement repair tools, and more.

    As a provider of reputable parking management services in Los Angeles, we have contacts to developers and architects that are capable of making improvements to every parking facility. With such tie-ups, you can rest assured that your parking facilities will not only be better but will also generate revenue in the long run.

  • Experienced Staff

    Apart from financing and construction, you can also get quality workforce from the Parking Company of America. We offer reliable parking management services in Los Angeles in partnership with trusted developers and architects in the business. With access to such talent, you will be able to maximize your current facilities and turn them into efficient parking spaces for your clients.

  • Efficient Parking Operations

    Our parking management consultants will be in charge of the overall improvement of your facilities. In return, you can concentrate fully on generating revenue for your core business. We will make sure to get in touch with you once the facilities have been upgraded and are ready for use. Once done, you can choose to take over the management of the facility, or have our consultants oversee the supervision and revenue collection of your parking facility.

Parking Company of America: Industry Leader in Parking Management Services

Since 1964, Parking Company of America has provided five-star restaurant, hotel, and hospital parking management services for some of the biggest brands in the country. Our services span numerous industries, including airports, retail establishments, private events, entertainment, independent property management companies, and more.

Interested in providing the best parking management services for your facility? Please call us at (888) 220-1282 to learn more.