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Technology has transformed numerous industries, and it’s no different for parking solutions. For car parking and transportation in general, new technologies and recent developments will inevitably revolutionize how people travel and use car parks.

While parking management companies are at the forefront of this change, every organization – hotels, malls, hospitals, airports, restaurants, businesses, and more – should also take note.

Key Parking Innovations

Parking is such an essential part of any facility’s operations, and staying on top of these future trends is key toward maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Smartphones as Payment Systems

    Using phone numbers or apps are starting to become the preferred way to pay parking charges for many car park users. It’s convenient, secure, and fast— everything that today’s tech-savvy populace wants.

    Beyond its advantages for car park users, it also offers benefits for parking management services. For instance, it will significantly reduce the need to install on-site machines, especially when complemented by Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

    It also lowers the number of car park attendants necessary to receive and process payment, which frees up the workforce for more pressing tasks.

  • Rising Number Electric Cars on the Road

    No longer a sci-fi vision, electric cars are now a reality. In fact, there are currently around three million electric cars being driven on American roads. This poses both a serious issue and opportunity for parking management companies. Some considerations include:

• Will electric charging points be installed to allow for on-site recharging of electric vehicles?

•Will local authorities provide the electricity for free, or will the cost be shouldered by car park users?

•How can one protect dedicated electric car parking spots from unauthorized use by those with traditional vehicles?

With more and more electric cars hitting the road today, parking management companies should start looking into this issue as soon as possible to come prepared for all potential challenges.

  • Parking Availability in Real Time

    Newer car parks are now employing real-time parking availability technology. It includes digital display boards and electric sensors to monitor exactly how many parking spaces are free and where. For instance, open spots are marked by green arrows to make it easier for drivers to identify available spaces.

    The problem is that right now, these digital displays and software are still difficult and expensive to install. In the future, however, the probability is high for mass roll-outs of these sensors and displays, connected across cities and even bundled into automotive navigation systems.

Parking Company of America: Staying Ahead of the Curve

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