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Experienced hoteliers know that customers will return where they feel like they’ve enjoyed great service and value, but many make the mistake of considering the customer’s first impression to be formed in the lobby.  In the experience of Parking Company of America, one of the oldest parking company Los Angeles has available, the customer’s first impression actually starts before they even enter your facility, when they first drive onto your parking lot.  Why should you think about parking management?  Let’s look at a few of the benefits below.


  1. Efficient Parking

Well-designed parking lots are only part of the solution.  For example, our valet-assist “stack” parking option can increase available parking by 25%-50%.  If your hotel regularly fills most rooms, then odds are that your parking lot is also regularly filled.  When you factor in hotel employees needing to find a place to park, and the guest experience of navigating a lot–especially after dark–efficient parking management solutions become a necessity.


  1. A Luxury Guest Experience

Guests associate features like valet parking and front door services with a luxury, upscale establishment.  It’s a win-win: you get to ensure that your parking facilities are utilized as efficiently as possible, and your guests get to feel pampered and cared for.   In particular, guests, particularly the elderly or those with disabilities, appreciate not having to cross a large parking area on foot.  Our front door services provide a friendly, welcoming point of contact that can help direct your guests to the proper reception desk.


  1. Enhanced Security

Vehicles are safer when parking management is a priority.  Whether it’s a valet attendant keeping an eye on the cars in their care or one of our other parking solutions, you can enable your guests to rest easy with the confidence that their cars aren’t sitting on an empty lot, waiting to be vandalized.  At PCA, we’ve worked with some of the most elite hotels in the business, and we are invested in making sure that you and your customers are satisfied and safe.


  1. Better Package Offers             

Have you considered offering a shuttle for your guests?  Whether it’s picking them up from the airport or delivering them to area attractions, being able to offer guests a shuttle means more flexibility for them.  For your hotel, being able to offer a package–say, two nights in a room plus a shuttle to a theme park–can be a means of added revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

Hoteliers know that meticulous attention to detail is important in the hospitality business.  You’d never ignore the room decor, cleanliness, or the training of your staff, so why ignore the potential in your parking management strategy?  With the help of a quality parking management company like PCA, you can stop leaving your facility’s parking needs to chance.




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