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Park space is one of the most underrated aspects of an office building. Based on a study by the International Parking Institute, the parking industry makes over $20 billion in revenue every year. Despite this, most office building owners neither do much to improve their parking space after its establishment nor offer parking management services to their tenants. Don’t make the same mistakes.

Why Improving Your Parking Solutions is a Must

Let’s take a closer look at why office space providers should offer first-rate parking facilities and management services to their tenants.

  • To Increase Profit – Offering parking management services to your tenants for a fee will give you a new source of income. It’ll also encourage your tenants to stay in your building long-term.
  • To Get Big Name Tenants – The prestige that comes with working in Los Angeles pushes huge businesses and start-up companies alike to make the city their base of operations. It’s why running out of tenants is seldom a risk among the metro’s building owners.If you want to get big names to stay in your establishment, however, offering high-quality office spaces is not enough. Add excellent parking solutions to your tenant privileges. Not only will they increase your profit, but they’ll also elevate your structure’s overall value.
  • To Keep Your Tenants Relying on Your Parking Facilities – With the increase of alternative commute options like UBER and GRAB, tenants may not find it worthwhile to use your parking space unless it comes with superb parking management services in Los Angeles. The risk is higher if your building is located near a public transportation terminal.

3 Ways to Elevate Your Parking Management Facilities  

Maximize your parking facility’s potential as a tenant incentive and additional income source. Here are some ways to improve it:

  1. Upgrade Safety Measures

Install surveillance cameras throughout your facility. Make sure they cover the entire area. In addition, place emergency phones in strategic locations to give your tenants a way to contact security when necessary. Don’t cut corners with fire precautions as well. Equip your facility with accessible fire hydrants, an automatic sprinkler system, and a manual fire alarm.

  1. Ensure Adequate Lighting

Most tenants are put-off by dimly lit parking facilities.  Ensure yours is sufficiently lit by painting its walls white and installing bright fixtures. Hire a hotel or hospital parking management company for expert assistance.

  1. Invest in Electric Charging Stations for Vehicles

Adding electric vehicle charging (EVC) stations to your facility will establish your building as cutting-edge. It will also allow you to cater to tenants who drive electric cars. Both will improve your building’s value and reputation.

Give Your Tenants the Finest Parking Experience

Parking Company of America has been providing first-rate parking management services for retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, and other institutions since 1964. Some of the biggest names in the US has relied on—and continue to rely on—our solutions. Our services also cover events and other short-term arrangements.

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