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Parking Management For Hospitals A Caring Idea


Healthcare facilities know that their job is to care for their patients and patient families from the moment they arrive on the facility campus.  It’s common sense that parking management is one feature of this care, but how important is it for a facility to work with an experienced, quality parking management company?  Can’t proper parking lot design do most of the work?  Savvy hospitals take the time to effectively manage all their resources: staff, buildings and equipment, finances, and parking.  


Here’s a Quick Overview of the Ways that Professional Parking Management can Improve your Hospital:


  1. Better Use Of Space


While well-designed lots are important, a parking management program can often reduce parking requirements for facilities that are short on parking space.  Our valet-assist “stack” parking option, for example, can increase available parking by 25%-50%.  If your patients and their visitors are regularly having difficulty finding a place to park, this option might benefit your hospital.

  1. Better Experience For Patients

Even if your parking lots are of adequate size, patients and visitors are often ill, worried, or otherwise in no shape to navigate several lots before they reach your buildings.  A valet service is not just a nice amenity–it creates an excellent, caring first impression for patients and visitors who may be at a vulnerable stage of their lives.  Additionally, valets can offer a warm greeting and assist with information, directing patients and visitors smoothly toward their destination.

  1. More Timely Appointments

Especially if a patient is elderly or has limited mobility, parking at a distance and getting to the hospital building can take some time.  Valet and other parking management services can get patients in the building and checked in to their appointments in a more timely fashion.  This is convenient for the patients, but also for the hospital’s bottom line: more on-time appointments can mean less overtime paid to staff and higher patient satisfaction.

  1. Communicating Care             

Hospital valet services aren’t the only parking solution that healthcare facilities should consider.  Front door service is also an investment that gives a high return in patient satisfaction.  At Parking Company of America, our front-door staff is trained to greet everyone with a pleasant and professional demeanor, which creates an excellent first impression.  Front door services are another way to ensure that patients and visitors are kept moving in the right direction until they reach their destination, a necessity on a busy hospital campus.  Patients and visitors love having the help at navigating a large, unfamiliar building, and your hospital benefits from communicating a warm, caring atmosphere from the moment your clients arrive.

Parking is a resource like any other, but hospitals excel at healthcare, not parking.  For most facilities, the most cost-effective, efficient way to manage their parking is by hiring an expert.  Parking Company of America has been providing excellence in parking management since 1964.  Let us put our decades of service to work for your hospital, and allow your staff to get back to doing what they do best: providing excellent patient care.




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