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hospital parking management

Since 1964, we at Parking Company of America have been providing parking solutions to Los Angeles and all of California. We have worked extensively to provide hospital parking management solutions that allow our clients to establish significant relationships with their patients, employees, and guests. Here are five ultimate ways we can help you with your hospital parking needs.

How We Can Help You with Your Hospital Parking Needs

  1. Revenue Maximization
    Our hotel parking solutions cover front door services, valet parking, traffic management, cash management, and other healthcare parking services you will need to manage your hospital parking facilities. With our parking management services, you will no longer need to hire additional staff and think about the whole management process. Our team’s knowledge and expertise in healthcare facility parking management will help you maximize your revenue while minimizing operational costs and guaranteeing patient and visitor satisfaction. 
  2. Control Process
    As a pioneer of healthcare parking solutions in California, our hospital parking management team undergoes regular intensive training to manage unique customer parking needs.
  3. Value-Based Care
    Customer’s safety is one of our top priorities in any of our parking management services. We work closely with different healthcare sectors to implement a safe and easy-to-use parking system for all patients, hospital staff, and visitors. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on client’s first point of customer care – parking services.
  4. Infection Control
    Parking facilities play a significant role in strengthening the confidence of visitors and patients in the quality and safety of the healthcare facility. As a reputable parking management company in California, we know the unique operational challenges that come with healthcare parking assets. That is why we maintain safety standards that comply with the policies of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  5. Optimized Labor Resources
    Our hospital parking management services include various services, such as patient transportation, valet parking, and on-site management support, that are designed to help you streamline operations on your healthcare facilities. We provide hands-on management to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of every parking area.

Parking management is vital in all sorts of facilities and industries. Here at Parking Company of America, the people are the key to the success of our parking solutions. Our primary goal is to boost customer satisfaction with the array of parking management services we provide.

If you want to know more about how we can help you with your parking management needs, be sure to fill out the contact form and get in touch with our team.