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Security is one of the most critical aspects of parking management services. Fortunately, updating your parking safety program doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are simple and cost-effective ways to enhance parking lot safety that you can do today.

6 Security Add-Ons for Safer Parking Lots

The most effective way to protect both parkers and your establishment is by minimizing security risks in the first place. You can begin by:

  1. Improving lighting.

Evaluate the sufficiency of your existing lighting. Not only should it illuminate pedestrian and driving pathways, but it should also eliminate shadowy areas. Some steps you can take are:

• Painting the walls white to magnify lighting
• Enhancing stair and elevator lights
• Replacing soft lights with metal halide lighting for greater brightness and more accurate colors
• Reviewing light spacing to ensure that there are no under-illuminated areas

On top of these, it helps to bring in a professional parking management company to help you see the bigger picture and offer advice on what else can be improved with regards to lighting.

  1. Paying attention to landscaping.

If your parking lot is located outdoors, a major challenge to security are overgrown shrubs and trees in and around the space. Always check that any vegetation is kept low and thinned out to avoid creating high-risk hiding places. Consider adding chain-link fencing throughout the lot, and seal off any area situated behind the lot’s stairways.

  1. Installing emergency phones.

Give your guests an easy way to contact security personnel by installing emergency phones strategically throughout the parking garage. Alternatively, you can also install a “panic button” that will sound an instant alarm when pressed. Not only is this an excellent crime deterrent, but it also allows you to respond immediately to any incident such as a senior who needs assistance or a lost child.

  1. Posting signage.

Affordable and convenient, signages are a great example of passive security measures. They serve as a means of communication by informing parkers of the strategies and tools they can use should they be in trouble, and warn would-be criminals that the parking lot is strictly and actively watched at all times.

  1. Enhancing surveillance.

If there’s room in your budget, CCTVs are definitely worth the investment. Newer technology includes voice-activated security systems (VASS) that monitor zones and trigger CCTV cameras to focus in emergency locations instantly. However, CCTVs are only effective if you have extra personnel to keep an eye on them at all times, so reserve this approach for a time when you can execute it properly.

  1. Bringing in a parking management company.

Tightening parking lot security is best left to professionals with a trained eye. They can quickly spot loopholes in your current parking space setup and offer expert advice on how to reduce risks. In addition, opting for valet services and other parking services goes a long way toward enhancing both safety and the overall parking experience.

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