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Unfortunately, with the ever-growing number of people infected with COVID-19 in the United States, hospitals across the nation have been chock-a-block with patients as well as visitors. This high demand has seen an increase in parking management issues that can easily be solved with the right parking management company

Oftentimes, people associate valet parking with a luxury experience such as parking management services in Los Angeles. However, a hospital that provides valet services is offering more of a necessity than an extravagance. Additionally, valet service enhances businesses in several ways and is especially advantageous to hospitals and medical centers. 

What Are The Advantages Of Hospital Valet?

Using parking management services is an ideal way to help control traffic flow at hospitals and medical centers. This guarantees that vehicles are not stuck in a bottleneck especially during emergencies. Continue reading to find out more benefits of hospital valet from a parking management company.

It’s Excellent For Patients

Hospitals have special parking requirements because of the percentage of elderly, disabled, and mobility impaired guests being assisted. Even though the hospital could have many accessible parking spots available, there are always patients whose visits are challenging because they have to self-park. 

These difficulties could stem from the stress of navigating a parking lot or garage to the extra distance a person has to cross from the accessible parking spot to the door. That is the reason why hospital valet lessens numerous issues for the hospital’s patients and guests. 

A hospital valet attendant assists guests and patients in the following ways: 

  • Helps elderly or mobility impaired guests form their vehicles to the hospital/medical center. 
  • A warm welcome and helpful point in the right direction is in place of the stress caused when searching for parking. 
  • Gets rid of the painful walk from the self-parking area. 
  • Harmonizes with hospital staff to help patients who require extra help. 
  • Offers helpful information, such as directions within the hospital/medical center. 
  • Has the vehicle waiting for the patient or guest when they are ready to leave. This is carried out with the use of a text-in vehicle retrieval or web-based vehicle request from any of the hospital or medical center’s administrative teams. 
  • Increases the number of self-parking spaces since valet vehicles are parked further away from the facility’s entrances. 

It is Ideal For Operations

When patients are on time for their medical appointments, the more procedures can flow better and faster. When a hospital employs a parking management company for valet service, it obviously cannot make sure that all the patients are going to be on time, however, they can help to make sure that everything moves along a lot smoother. 

Furthermore, when patients know that logistics are simple, they are less likely to skip out on appointments due to worries about the time things will take and the hassles they will endure. 

Valet attendants are efficient at pointing patients in the right direction, which makes the whole arrival process effortless, and the hospital is in an advantageous position to operate better. 

Ideally, a hospital or any other type of medical center should contract an outside valet service provider, instead of trying to make a valet service an internal managed process. This ensures that the operations staff stays focused on what they are skilled at. While a professional hospital valet service gets to work on managing parking and reduces risk. 

It Is Superb For Other Patients And Guests

When you eliminate vehicles driven by flustered patients who are trying to find parking spaces out of the equation, traffic moves better in lots and garages. As mentioned prior, there are more available spaces near entrances, letting individuals who choose to self-park the ability to do so with more convenience. 

When a medical facility has limited parking, hospital valet services will make sure parking spaces are always available for patients and guests by analyzing parking allocation and increasing available parking. 

It Is Good For Business

When a medical facility provides hospital valet parking it shows their patients and guests that they care about them. Since it makes their arrivals and departures enjoyable and hassle-free, which creates a superior overall impression and patient experience. When the stress and potential physical difficulty of parking are eliminated, it creates a massive difference and is very much appreciated.


Hospital valet parking is a convenient service that provides a huge range of advantages for the medical center and the community. Occasionally, when people arrive at a hospital, they are in a rush, trying to visit family and friends, require emergency care, or have a scheduled appointment or for other reasons. 

When you consider all these factors, it is pretty understandable that the last thing someone wants to think about while dealing with all this stress is where they are going to park their vehicle. Hospital valet services are meant to reduce an additional stressor on individuals who already have too much to be concerned about. 

Furthermore, another evident advantage of hospital valet parking is giving assistance to those who are handicapped or disabled. Because there are many people who require help, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are time and time again becoming understaffed. 

A valet service can help with transporting patients. At a majority of hospitals, valet attendants are trained in helping with wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, walkers, and other requirements a patient might have. 

Normally, hospital valet services are usually experienced and trained in providing the best customer experiences. They will open and close doors, lead patients and guests to the correct department, give directions on where individuals have to go and help out with the luggage. Also, a highly qualified hospital valet parking attendant is a good help for individuals who have physical limitations. 

Last, but certainly not least, the great aspect of hospital valet parking is that these are services that can be contracted outside the medical center. For instance, a hospital valet parking service usually does not need extra funding from the hospital. Funds are gathered from the service itself so the extra cost is not added onto the hospital.