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One in five drivers in the US is over 65. That’s more than 50 million senior drivers, with millions more set to hit the road in the next ten years. Is your parking lot ready for them? A parking management company can help you take steps to secure the safety of senior drivers whether they’re visiting your hotel, health care facility, shopping center, or any other venue.

Senior Drivers and Parking

Seniors are considered some of the safest drivers out of all age groups. They’re typically extra careful due to increased awareness of their age-related challenges. This involves observing speed limits, wearing safety belts, not drinking and driving, and other ways to reduce the risk of injury.

Due to their advanced age, however, they naturally face a lot of challenges when it comes to navigating parking lots. A poorly-managed parking lot can be dangerous for senior drivers and the people around them.

This makes it incredibly important to optimize your parking lot to ensure the welfare and satisfaction of elderly drivers.

Protecting Senior Drivers with Parking Management Services

The best way to protect senior drivers is to employ a parking management company to handle your parking services. Instead of worrying about protecting seniors who are driving through your facility, you can focus on your operations while the parking company takes care of everything on the ground.

Here’s why you should entrust your medical, retail, or hotel parking management services to professionals:

  • Greet them with a Smile

Have front door services make senior drivers feel welcome the moment they arrive. Top parking management companies employ personnel who are specially trained to make guests feel at ease.

They will be the first touch point for your visitors, and this positive note will set the tone for the rest of their experience with you.

  • Assist them with Information

Part of parking management services is making sure visitors get to where they need to be. Parking staff can help elderly guests find the floor, room, or any other part of the facility they’re looking for.

This prevents frustration and helps them save time so they can accomplish the purpose of their visit.

  • Take the Parking Off their Hands

Elderly visitors will certainly appreciate a helping hand. With valet services, they can drive up and leave the parking in the hands of capable valet.

Better yet, their car will be waiting for them once they’re ready to leave, making their visit free from hassle and stress.

  • Keep Them Safe at All Times

Without properly managed parking services, senior drivers can have a hard time finding a parking spot. As much as possible, you don’t want them to have to park all the way across the block or walk along a dark avenue.

A parking management company will help you solve these problems ahead of time to lower the risk of untoward incidents.

Parking Company of America: Your Partner for First Rate Parking

Parking Company of America has been providing premium parking services throughout the US since 1964. Aside from parking management, we also offer fleet maintenance, consulting, and other essential services that will enhance your parking profitability and efficiency.

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