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If you are choosing a valet parking company for your business, you wan to ensure that the valet services you decide on will provide your customers and guests only the best service. Although many people are not aware of it, there is a lot that goes into a good, proper valet service of a parking management services company. 

Obviously, the first step to ensuring you have hired the right parking management company is that they are very good at parking. However, parking management is not just about moving vehicles from one area to another. Check out these essential tips to hire the optimal parking management services for your business. 

Establish Their Experience

In general, this goes without saying but we are going to make it a point anyway that the parking service you opt for should have experience, good reviews on their website, and you should have a positive feel about them when you first meet them. At the end of the day, the valet attendants are usually the first impression of your business or event. 

Try to go for a parking management services company that has been around the block since it is a better bet than a start-up. Choose a parking company that you feel you can trust. The best company will have all the required valet parking insurance and provide background checks on every employee.  

Also, look into whether they have experience managing parking operations similar to where you are located. When the proposal process is underway, valet companies should always provide a free site visit to make sure they completely understand all potential variables. This helps to prevent accidents and helps to gather your revenue by boosting the business’ parking capacity. 

Furthermore, the parking services company should be able to show that they have sufficient experience during this visit. Additionally, they should plainly explain how they are going to manage traffic, parking, and the overall organization of your event or long term parking operation. 

Check Out Their Reputation

Apart from their experience, a parking services company’s reputation matters. In fact, recommendations and referrals are sometimes one of the best ways of choosing a valet parking company. Inquire for references with contact information to be included in the proposal you get. Also, ask for a detailed client list to make sure the company you are scoping out has the experience that accommodates your needs. 

Have a look at the parking company’s third-party online reviews. Online reviews are an informative way of finding out what kind of experience you are going to have with that company. Although a few negative reviews are inescapable, you should stay clear of companies that have an evident pattern of unprofessional conduct.  

Ask About The Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents and other instances of liability are a considerable risk when you are working with parking services. Make it a point to ask your valet parking company is fully insured. 

Determine The Price Range

The parking company should provide you with a detailed proposal or quote for the parking services you require. Make sure that all the details are included in writing and ensure this consists of a staffing model and precise parking times. When it comes to events, overlook the fact that you should schedule the valet staff a minimum of 30 minutes before the event staff time. Ultimately, you are trying to avoid any cryptic, unexplained fees affixed to your final price. All of the details should be clear, itemized, and talked about in advance. 

Although you don’t want to overpay for these services, be careful of companies that have very low rates. You will soon realize that the least expensive valet companies are the cheapest for valid reasons. Badly managed or unskilled staff can mean a catastrophe is headed towards you. Ultimately, cheaper is not always better when it comes to parking services. 

The Company Should Offer More Than Parking Vehicles

Even though a parking management company’s main purpose is to park cars, it does not mean that it is all they should offer. A lucrative parking company will be able to offer other amenities, for instance, shuttle services, event management, and parking lot logistics. Indeed, if you only need vehicles parked, it is vital to know that you have the flexibility to request more during events and special occasions. 

Speed Is Important

It is an honest fact that most of the valet’s job involves parking cars and bring them back at the end of the night. Although there is a lot more to the job, that should be the main means of the service you employ. Their methods for optimal logistics should make sure a flawless delivery of the vehicle, avoiding a backup at the valet ticket line. 

A good company will bring out motivated, fit, and swift employees that aim to get the client in and out without waiting out in the harsh weather elements. A parking service team should aim for speed, efficiency, and excellent service. 

Plus, ensure that the company is not understaffed. A general rule of thumb is that there should be one valet for every 10 to 15 vehicles, depending on the area and other factors. Most of the time, the method a company staffs an event alters the cost dramatically.  


Ask the valet company what technology they use to manage their parking operations. A majority of companies have progressed beyond the paper ticket method, alternatively using sleek streamlined apps. Today’s smart technology solutions can help avoid problems with lost tickets and human error. Also, excellent valet technology can lower wait times and create an overall user experience for your guests. 

Overall, you should take your time and do your homework when searching for potential service providers. This will ensure that your valet parking service offers the quality and convenience you require for all your parking services need. 
A valet company that has the experience, a good reputation, and state of the art technology will provide you and your guests the highest-quality valet parking experience. So, add a sense of sophistication, class, and organization to your next event, with Parking Company of America (PCA).