Benefits of Contracting with PCA

PCA offers customized services  designed to fit the needs of your facility.
The customized services we offer our clients in the Healthcare Industry include but are not limited to; valet parking, front door services,
shuttle services and parking management. 
PCA provides essential equipment necessary for successful operations at your facility. This includes signage, uniforms, safety cones, podiums, lock boxes, 2 way radios, cellular communication, tickets, insurance and other additional equipment.

PCA provides the parking industry’s most comprehensive garage keepers and liability insurance along with the state required worker’s compensation coverage.

All PCA Management employees undergo classroom training to provide the best possible customer service to your facility. PCA Management requires extensive background checks on all staff, including Criminal, MVR, and Drug Screening.

• Shuttle Services
• Patient Transfer
• On Site Management
• On Site Administrative Support
• Cash Management

       Pep Valdes           Executive Vice President       562.862.2118

Our Healthcare services
• Front Door Services
• Customer Service Ambassadors
• Valet Parking
• Traffic Management
• Parking Garage Management
• Patient Transportation

PCA Management provides full spectrum services to your patients, visitors, employees, doctors, and nurses. We provide a positive first and last impression to everyone who visits your facility.

Front Door Services
Our Front Door Staff initiates a positive first impression. PCA Management employees are trained to greet everyone with a pleasant and professional demeanor.
Customer Service Ambassadors
PCA Management Ambassadors are trained to ensure that your visitors and patients are competently taken care of as they enter your facility.
Valet Parking
Our exemplary Valet Parking staff provides first-rate, prompt service.
Traffic / Parking Garage Management
PCA Management’s specialized staff will help you to determine the most efficient way to manage your parking needs.
Patient Transportation
PCA Management provides shuttle services to transport visitors and out-patients.

Healthcare services