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Our in-house consults can help any company reduce maintenance cost and vehicle failures, select the most suitable information system, and to support compliance for regulatory and environmental matters. 

We employ only the finest and most experienced estimators. 
Fleet Services uses up-to-date parts and time guides, to keep your estimate comparable to industry standards.

PCA provides road services to our clients at no extra charge. 
We stock our mobile repair vehicles for whatever unexpected surprise may arise.  From tire changes to jump-starts to more complex engine service, our mobile mechanic is fully trained to handle your needs.

PCA provides comprehensive preventative maintenance, standard vehicle repair to major repair service on contracts for large government and private industry fleets. Maintenance and repair service applies to every type of vehicle, from light passenger shuttles to large buses and heavy-duty commercial trucks.

We have three (3) levels of preventative maintenance (PM's). PMA is a light service and safety inspection; PMB is a complete vehicle service; and PMC is a lubrication, oil and filter service. PM's are available for all types of vehicles, including those operating with diesel and alternative fuel systems.

PCA  is a full service repair facility, from quick fixes to complete overhauling and including body and fender repair.

We maintain a fully staffed, highly skilled body repair and paint shop at our 50,000 sq. ft.facility in Los Angeles. The body repair technicians combine more than 50 years experience. Using to state-of-the-art equipment and the finest paint in the industry.

Fleet maintenance